“Eyagbonagbama” debuts in the movie industry

A new film titled “Eyagbonagbama” has been added to the movie industry in Edo State.
The film narrated by Sister Meg Omoyemwense O. and directed by Bright Okuoimose Okunzuwa is expected to take Benin movies outside the shores of Edo state, so that Benin films can be appreciated not only in Edo state but in the entire country.
In an interview with Sister Meg Omoyemwense O; she stated that she decided to go into the movie industry because of her love for drama and film making in general.
Though she was debuting for the first time as an artiste where she played the role of a married woman who was badly treated and humiliated by the senior brother of her late wealthy husband who was a great philanthropist.
According to her, it was a turning point in the life of a woman who had everything needed for a prosperous life provided for her by her husband who was also responsible for the upkeep of his senior brother. But that immediately after the death of the husband, the senior brother confiscated all the property of the late brother and husband of the woman and reduced her and her children to abject poverty and penury.
This informed her decision to narrate the story to serve as a lesson to others and also to reveal that “the people of this world do not wish their neighbours or other people well”, hence the title “Eyagbonagbama”.
She mentioned that though she is a hair dresser, but her love for the movie industry endeared her into the profession. The Artiste who said, she has a natural gift for drama and acting revealed that even in her church, she has always been given responsibility to organize a drama group for her church and she has always excelled.
She also attributed her success in “Eyagbonagbama” to the encouragement given her by her Director, Mr. Bright Okuoimose Okunzuwa whom she described as a very articulate and experienced Director, who stood by her throughout the period of shooting the film.
As a new entrant into the industry, she did not expect that her role was going to be so great as she saw herself playing her role exemplarily and each time she was going to faint, the Director was there to push her ahead and she was able to hit the market and it became a very great outing.
Sister Meg also revealed that the film is written in English too and will serve as a lesson and inspiration to the people.
To upcoming artistes, she advised them to be serious in anything they want to do. In her words “Anything worth doing is worth doing well. You should also have a good Director like Bright Okuoimose Okunzuwa. When I was about to faint, he encouraged me, hence I was able to sail through. I want to ensure that Benin movies are promoted all over the country and even beyond, because Benin is the home of Arts and Culture, as well as the cradle of Black Civilization. The film will surely go places”.
Married with children, Sister Meg Omoyemwense said she will be out with another film very soon as a follow up to the current one in the market. In the same vein, the Director of the movie, Mr. Bright Okuoimose Okunzuwa said he is a movie maker and that all he does is about entertainment.
According to him, to the glory of God, he has done series of films which include “Olokpa Nemwenokun”, “the blood of the orphan”, and “Emwinoyuwemuegie”, a popular movie which he played a part. He stated that he is currently working on a project titled “Eyagbonagbama”, a movie directed by him and narrated by Sister Meg Omoyemwense.
Commenting on the film, he said “when she came to me that she has the story, she gave me a load down of the story. After going through it, I told her that it was good and that it was what the people want. This is because what really matter today about movie or a story line is that you as a Director have to see if that is what the people want. You look at it from different angles if that is what the people want, the consumers' need. It is not about what you want, but the consumers' need and society at large. So when I looked at it, I saw that it is what the people want. Thank God today, we are through. We worked according to the story line. We featured a lot of top stars in Benin like West Osasuyi, Loveth Azugbene OKH, Johnbull Eghianruwa (Sir Love), Edith Egbeobauwaye, Akugbe Osagiede and Osamuyi Ero”.
He further stressed that Sister Mega Omoyemwense played a vital role in the movie and that it is a movie that every home need to watch and everybody want to see as it is happening in the society. He noted that the movie is going to go wide because it is translated in English, stressing that though the movie was shot in Benin setting, it is translated in English. The Director of the “Eyagbonagbama” movie also deposed that outside the Benin thing, the movie was taken from the Benin setting to a national standard, because of the need to start working in a national way, so that people can recognize Benin movies as people are not seeing Benin films anywhere outside Edo state. “But with this movie, people will now see it as a challenge because all we do is to throw challenge to the people; then we can start from there. We have to take the movie to the next level as we cannot just remain in the local scenario”.
“The story line is perfect. I also thank my artiste, Sister Meg Omoyemwense O. as she did very well in the film. Like the Benin adage which says “Erhankpamuegbo” meaning “a tree cannot make a forest”, I have a very good crew in my “Uwa Solid House Production” which includes Ufuoma 007, Abieyuwa Okunzuwa, Nosa Ehigie, Choice Amas Iredia, Amen Igbinosun and Ewaen Atewe. We work together as a team and when you have a good crew, you come out in flying colours”.
“One thing about film making is that it is a collective effort. You should not lean to your own understanding when directing or producing a film. You cannot separate the Artiste from the crew, we work together. When we work together as a team, we will come out with a very good result. We also hope to give the movie a red carpet because we hope to preview the movie soon”, he stated.
Stressing further, he said the Artiste has a bright future in the industry as she has the calling and born to do it. “You can manage your future from where you are sitting. This is the only industry that accommodates all professionals in the world, whether you are a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer etc. She will go places. As the saying goes, “a journey of one thousand miles start with one step, he further emphasized.
On the challenges as a director, he said there are challenges because working with 60-80 cast with different character is not easy. “You must have the capacity to manage everybody in your crew. You should be able to act or play all the parts of the film, so that you can direct others to play their various parts”, he said.
On the upcoming Artistes, he advised them to buckle up and know what they want to achieve. “They need to go for training, so as to know what to do and excel in the profession”, he concluded.

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